Wear Orange for a Day

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Prisoner Awareness Campaign


3.11.08 – On-Going
Collaborative and Participatory Public Action

In May of 2001, I co-founded the collective Plain Human with Miriam Alfaro. Then, I invited friends to join Plain Human and with them and Intersection for the Arts’ The Prison Project, we produced an artistic-political-campaign titled Wear Orange for A Day. The campaign invited families, friends and advocates for human rights, to wear orange on March 11, 2008. This was to draw attention to how the deplorable conditions suffered by people who are incarcerated can also affect everyone in the outside. Community partners were invited to participate in a series of coordinated art activities in San Francisco. The project is continuing so stay in touch.

TUESDAY – MARCH 11, 2008 – General Program:

Public Art & Gathering Events: 11am – 2pm at various locations in SF

Participatory Performance-Physical Exercise: 3:30 – 4:30pm at the Civic Center lawn, San Francisco

Reception: 5 – 6pm at Intersection for the Arts
446 Valencia Street, San Francisco CA 94103


Plain Human Members:
Mabel Negrete: Project Coordinator and Performer
John Blanco: Exhibit Coordinator and Performer
Miriam Alfaro: Designer and Performer
Sunny Angulo: Videographer and Artist
Marguerite Devenport: Program Coordinator and artist at Smith College, MA
Mary Ann Brooks: Movement Performer
Kip Williams: Multimedia support and Performer

Patrick Piazza, Designed Poster
Zara Thustra, Calendar 50c or Free, issue 2
Joshua Short, Video Performance
Intersection for the Arts

Press: Articles:
By Vanessa Carr, Wear orange for prisoner awareness

By Aimee Le Duc, (de)Appropriation Project, Bruce Tomb and the Valencia Street Wall