Sensible Housing Unit (SHU)

[ Project developed and archived at the Counter Narrative Society (CNS) ]

Tactical Object to Engage Audiences in Critical Dialogue about the Human/Civil Rights Issues of Prisoners in Prison Control Units


06.2008 / On-going
Tactical Object for Participatory Actions and Installations

The Sensible Housing Unit (SHU) is a fabric replica of a prison cell and it functions as a portable prototype tactical object to engage audiences in critical dialogue about the human/civil rights issues in prison control units. The object has been presented at the Lost Coast Culture Machine (2011), University of San Francisco (2009), Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Art (2009) and the Mission Arts Performance Project (2008).

The goal of the Sensible Housing Unit is to share publicly the stories of our brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, neighbors and comrades who have been subjected to the brutal psychological isolation and physical violence in super maximum security prisons, jails, juvenile reformatory and the list goes on.

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Sensible Housing Unit: detailThe SHU can be lend to anyone interested in creating a project that will encourage public dialogue about the psychological and physical violence prisoners are forced to experience in segregation housing units across the USA prison system. – [Contact CNS]