Racial Pre_Filing Vest

[ Project developed and archived at the Counter Narrative Society (CNS) ]

A Tool Kit to Avoid Being Racially Profiled

Tactical Object for Performative Actions

Racial Pre_Filing Vest is a protective performable vest made out of recyclable fabric that contains essential information for individuals who are, on a yearly, weekly or even daily basis, a target of “racial profiling”. The vest is a type of protective synthetic body extension that serves as a portable civic information center and community empowerment tool. As an information center, Racial Pre_Filing Vest introduces users to their constitutional rights, to the meaning and brief history of “racial profiling” , and most importantly, includes a cautionary guide as to how to avoid being unduly targeted under the current United States’ law enforcement and juridical system for reasons related to race, ethnicity or physical appearance. The interactive piece also has a state of the art “invisible racial deterrent device” that block(s) digital devices capable of identifying or “erasing” people by their race and ethnic group.

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